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PostSubject: POLICE ENCOUNTERS   Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:46 am

Inspired by some facebook banter I wondered what your amusinng true life stories were of encounters with the boys in blue!

Heres a starter from myself...

My normal driving style is somewhat representative of my style on the track (unfortunatly) and whilst driving back from Southampton one sunny afternoon I joined the M27 for one junction on what was a quite crowded motorway, straight off the slip road into the outside lane toe to the floor cheers leaving the two inside lanes standing in my wake and within no time at all I was looking at my digital speedo reading well into 3 figures... shot up the slip road round the roundabout im coming off the roundabout I noticed a Vauxhall Senator tagging along scratch Bloody hell where did that come from, so instantly slowed up and got back under the speed limit... Rolling Eyes Within a mile I was treated to a wonderful display of christmas lights albeit only in blue and puled over into the layby.
Yep it was an undercover traffic cop, thankfully just about to go off duty. He'd been blocked in on the inside lane as I shot past on the motorway and couldnt catch me till the slip road and i'd clocked him after a few seconds of him following so I was lucky he only had a short distance to film me. Typically they stroll up to your door and ask the silly question of How fast where you your going to admit you hit 120 cheers so he invited me back to his.. (car) and showed me his lovely incar entertainment system with me being the star afro My reply to the ealier question wasnt the smartest thing... No sir the sun was in my eyes affraid but he thought my driving was very controlled and safe just that i needed to slow it down.
He let me off!!!! That would of been my first lot of points, but I escaped to fight another day, bless that old Astra 2.0 GTE was a fun car.

So thats one from me.. I have a few more... but lets hear some of yours. study
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PostSubject: Re: POLICE ENCOUNTERS   Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:45 am

I`ve been pulled over too many times to remember, once for having a brake light out, being over the drink drive limit at the time i was bricking it, somehow managed to get out of that one blaming the smell on aftershave Suspect Had 4 points and a fine for doing 99.97 on the M8 out of Glasgow as i`d got lost and booted it to get to the next junction to turn around. Got pulled over in Amazingstoke by the local plod at 1am on my way to work, the stupid twat said i was driving erratically, what he didn`t realise was that i had clocked him ages before because his headlights were so clean and in perfect alignment that you could tell it was a copper if he was 2 miles behind you and i was driving to the exact speed limit because i knew it was them. Considering i was early 30`s at the time when he said that to me i burst into laughter and told them where i first spotted them. Also been pulled over twice in the same night within 15 minutes of the other, once by Thames valley and the other by Hampshire because, wait for it, a car like mine had been stolen 30 minutes before and had crashed scratch Now surely if a car like mine had been stolen and crashed it wouldn`t be my fucking car? bless em, sometimes i think their brains have disengaged.
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