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 A short autobiography.

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PostSubject: A short autobiography.   Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:14 am

Brought up on a diet of motorcycling from an early age having been lucky enough to have a father who was an International competitor riding for his country of numourous occasions and passing down his bike skills to me.

I started riding a motorcycle before I could ride a push bike and soon become bored of riding on my own. Living in the countryside and having stubble fields to ride in along with tracks into the forest gave plenty of oppertunity to develop and before my racing career strted I honed my skills against the older village boys on their bigger bikes soon becoming the fastest rider in the community, thats when I was taken to my first proper motocross race (scrambling back then) and my new race machine (Honda XR75) was pitted against the 100cc riders in the Inters at the age of 11. I came away that day with a 6-4-3-11 scorecard and a hugh smile on my face. My first race win came later that same year still mounted on the smaller machine.

As soon as I reached 16 I went into the adults aboard a 'Small World' sponsered Kawasaki 250 and continued winning, progressing onto a 490 Maico and then onto the Honda brand in 1983, a brand new CR480 took me to ACU 'Expert' status within my first 2 meetings but the scoring system ment I could stay as a junior till mid season.

We didnt chase championships back then, we picked where 'we' wanted to ride choosing the best tracks and not travelling long distances due to finances. Before moving up to the premier class I raced what I think was the first ever UK supercross at Weymouth speedway stadium and won!

The tougher competition in the experts didnt stop my winning ways, racing mainly in the South West up against some household names of the time, memories I cherish to this day.

Unfortunatly come the ripe old age of 22 and I retired to get married. 18yrs later I started racing once again having ditched the ball and chain that stopped me racing all those yrs ago. Still feeling like I did when I stopped racing I borrowed a 125 and went to race but I only lasted 3 laps into practice crashing heavily on a double jump (we didnt have those back then) fracturing several bones, 3 months later I tried again but still feeling like the 22 yr old I again crashed heavily sustaining more injuries this time breaking my back in 3 places. I took a break and 3 yrs later returned again and this time realised my body wasnt 22 but it was in fact, cough cough... riding within myself and building on my fitness I progressed from winning the Remedies Bar 'B' group juniors to getting inside the top 5 'A' group. That was 2005/6, we then went with a decision to race a bit closer to home and competed in the Southern centre UMX championship and I once more had picked up a sponser, Future Racing of Poole, I had a championship goal of finishing inside the top 10, but I was feeling confident and stated I would be top 5, yr end saw I solid season finishing up in second place in the championship. I was one of a shrinking number of 250 2 stroke riders (the decision to race 2 stroke was to promote the sponser better) and we stayed on the 2007 RM 250 for the 08 season. This yrs goal was to win it, it came down to the final meeting of the yr, going into race 1 I was 7points down on the series leader, after 3 motos I came out on top by 1 solitary point making me the Southern centre Junior champion in 2008!

2009 saw me back in with the experts and things wernt going to be easy, but I was determined to keep my reputation as the 'Holeshotmyster' despite lining up against riders of British championship calibre. My first meeting back in the experts saw me get 2 out of 3 holeshots but my lack of winter riding left my fitness lacking and although I led the pack for a while I just was unable to sustain the pace and dropped back to finish just outside the top 10.

I had intentions of riding the British championship Maxxis Vets but that went out of the window after breaking my wrist practising, and later in the yr after hardley getting any bike time I sustained another break to my back in 4 more places this time ending my racing career, although I did try to make yet another comeback in 2011 but still feeling 22 when your body is considerably older and dosent bounce ment another injury has stopped that, so now I get great satisfaction teaching my racecraft to others in my training schools.

Training days cost as little as £50 when booked as part of a group day, 1-2-1 tuition also available.
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A short autobiography.
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